You can keep your Rihannas and your Scarletts. They may top the beauty lists and grace the magazine covers, but they lack that certain something. Yes, they are gorgeous on the surface, but where is that inner spark that captures a man's heart and imagination? They've never felt the pain of crying out for notice only to have their caterwauls fall on deaf ears. The standard beauty queen has everything come her way. She doesn't know the hardship that builds a crust around one's heart. Therefore, they're incapable on knowing true value.

I feel so sorry for them.

But there's another type of woman out there. Not as noticeable as the worshiped inamorata, she walks amongst us everyday without our noticing. Here are five gorgeous women from popular films who embody that very intangible mystique.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: I've already called the police.]

Janine Melnitz - Ghostbusters

It must take something away from you. Facing your own mortality every single day, and being that close to the other side. In fact, sitting on top of a portal to it. You need to protect yourself and put up defenses as the calls come in and Egon acts as if he doesn't know you're alive. Hell, he pays more attention to his ghosts than he does you.

You're not invisible to me, though. What you don't realize is that through your tough front, your quiet beauty shines through in pin-hole punctures. It can be seen at the end of a long shift, when your eyes strain and back hurts. Waiting for the cars speeding to the Holland Tunnel to pass while you clutch your coat closed against the cold Tribeca wind; knowing that you're going home to your small, overpriced Queens apartment and the flatulent cat you inherited when your grandmother was sent to the home. Who will keep you warm, Janine Melnitz?

Stacy - Wayne's World

They say I can't have you. They tell me that you're obsessive. But I see you as more than a "psycho hose beast," I see the heart in the girl. Where Wayne Campbell might see clingy, I see affectionate. Where Wayne Campbell might see stalker, I see thoughtful. The time has come for you to move on, Stacy. It's time to trust your love in the hands of another man. Allow yourself that.

You of all people surely respect persistence. That's why I'll be there at every turn. On bended knee, at concerts and parties, and behind the rose bushes outside of your house. If you'd only see what's right in front of you, we could end these silly games. Together.

Marge Gunderson - Fargo

You're one of the only rational minds in a world gone crazy. I know how you worry. You worry so about humanity and what future it holds for the next generation. But you carry that worry with a grace and care that is unmistakably woman. You know this as you project enough warmth to thaw the frozen grounds upon which you've built your house; outshining the beautiful days in which you live.

Barbara Land - Mars Attacks!

You feel that nobody hears your global karmic cry for help. There are so many people unhappy in their lives and there's no need for you to feel those sorrows. Your heightened perception comes with the drawback of heightened sensitivity. Causing you to bury your heartlight under six shots of tequila.

If only you'd go for me the way you go for that bottle.

Dren - Splice

What a shame it is to see you locked away, hidden from the world's view because it won't understand you. But it's your parents who don't understand you. Your captors.

You've come to the age where you're curious about life, about new discoveries like music, food, laughter, sex and love. It's time that you spread your metaphorical wings as well as your literal ones. There's a big world out there just full of possibility. You should buy a wig and explore it...and yourself.