The 5 best X Men movie characters are all those characters that were successfully adapted from comic books into movies. These are the characters that you go to the movie to see because they are a perfect adaptation of all the mutants that are so prevalent in the world of X Men.

  1. Cyclops. Portrayed by the actor James Marsden, Cyclops is the best X Men movie character because of his most excellent mutant power: his optic blast! Marsden had to wear lifts in his shoes in order to grow a few more inches and get to about 6'2" to play Cyclops properly. Cyclops is also the best "X Men" movie character since he is one of Charles Xavier's favorites and one of his most dependable pupils/soldiers.

  2. Beast. Beast is the second-best "X Men" movie character because he is larger-than-life and a man-beast. Portrayed by that guy who played Frasier...on..."Frasier," Kelsey Grammar, Beast is a super-smart genius, having been a scientist best at home working in the laboratory before he became the Beast. However, with his transformation that totally turned him blue from head to toe, he was also able to gain superhuman strength, not a bad feature when you have to kick supervillain ass.

  3. Professor X. Professor Xavier, or Charles Xavier as he may be known to close friends and family, is the third-best "X Men" character since he is the whole reason for the existence of the X Men in the first place. Professor X, portrayed by Star Trek alum Patrick Stewart, is actually a pacifist of sorts because his vision of the world is one where both mutants and human beings should be able to coexist in peace...and hold hands...and sing campfire songs...together.

  4. Wolverine. The Canadian Weapon X reject is the fourth-best "X Men" movie character because of one word: adamantium. Played by Aussie Hugh Jackman, Wolverine's whole skeleton is made of the made-up Marvel comics-metal, which practically makes him invulnerable. His adamantium bonding also gives him those extra-cool claws that he is universally known for, which can slice and dice anything to shreds.

  5. Juggernaut. A villain makes this list of the best "X Men" movie characters. Juggernaut, played by former footballer Vinnie Jones (now a full-time actor), is the quintessential villain because he is the typical tough guy: muscle-bound, unstoppable-seeming and full of force. In the only appearance of the character in the "X-Men" series of movies, Juggernaut appears in "X-Men: The Last Stand" from 2006.