The 5 best Woody Allen movies are actually more diverse than you’re probably expecting. Woody Allen has a reputation for a particular kind of comedy and dialogue style, but he’s also become a fantastic director as his career has progressed. Additionally, his style evolved a lot over the years, so his early movies are very different in terms of feel.

  1. “Annie Hall” is the classic Woody Allen movie that generally garnered him more success and adulation than any of his other films. It stars Diane Keaton as the title character, and Woody Allen spends the film obsessing over her for various reasons. The movie has a fantastic style and a lot of interesting visual moments.

  2. “Sleeper” is a science fiction Woody Allen comedy about a man who gets brought out of hibernation in a distant future. It’s really clever and full of great social commentary. This one is really a screwball comedy, and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

  3. “Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask” is a Woody Allen comedy that explores sex in a very interesting and humorous way. It’s full of little skits that don’t really combine together to tell a story, but they all deal with different aspects of human sexual experience. Many Woody Allen movies are obsessed with sex, and this one is probably the most enlightening examination of the subject.

  4. “Match Point” is one of the more atypical films among the Best Woody Allen movies. It’s actually a full-on thriller, and it’s loaded with wonderful suspense along with great acting. Nobody would ever guess this was a Woody Allen movie if they didn’t know it in advance.

  5. “Manhattan Murder Mystery” is another film on this list of Woody Allen movies that deals with crime. This time, it’s actually a comedy, and more of a spoof than a real murder mystery. It’s also is a very typical Woody Allen movie, and it has all his classic stylistic touches.