If you are a flying saucer enthusiast, you'll love the 5 best UFO documentaries in this article. UFOs are defined as unidentified flying objects and they have been a part of human history for centuries. Here is a list of 5 of the best UFO documentaries to date.

  1. "UFOs It Has Begun" This documentary was presented by Dr. Jacques Vallee, a UFO researcher and astronomer, and Rod Serling. It is packed with stories of telepathic channeling, automatic writing, and recovered memories from human abductees of benevolent beings through hypnosis.

  2. "It Came From Heaven" In 1996, about 30 people described what they saw as a huge UFO over a stretch of highway in the Yukon. UFO researcher Martin Jasek interviewed and documented several witness' accounts, including an Aboriginal elder.

  3. "Shag Harbour 1967 Incident" This incident has been called "Canada's Roswell. " When researcher Chris Styles investigated, he uncovered several witnesses and documents about this forgotten event. Chris also gets the perspective of Ray Maclead, the journalist that covered the story in 1967.

  4. "Out Of The Blue: The definitive investigation of the UFO phenomenon (2002, 2007)" This documentary is one of the few that addresses UFOs as a global phenomenon. It covers UFO incidents from the USA, Britain, Russia, Iran, France and more. "Out of the Blue " questions scientists on the probability of space travel and extraterrestrial life in the universe. The documentary also features interviews from former astronauts, military pilots, and radar operators. It also discusses UFO initiatives from former US presidents Clinton, Ford, and Carter.

  5. "The Disclosure Project Witness Testimony" This two hour long documentary features dozens of testimonials on the subject of UFOs. These testimonials are from government and military personnel, as well as retired US intelligence persons on the subject of government cover-ups concerning UFOs.