Looking back to 2009 and finding the five best topless movie scenes 2009 there were a lot to decide between the best of that year.  So many topless movie scenes to pick from and yet not enough to really decide on how to place the five best topless movie scenes 2009 so everyone thinks it's a good list!

  1. Tie between Dr. Manhattan and Malin Akerman in "Watchman". A great movie if you haven't seen it as of yet. You not only get to see Akerman who plays Silk Spectre II in the buff, but you get to see a CGI created blue penis for Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan.  Since the lower part of Dr. Manhattan doesn't really count as topless, the tie will thus go to Malin as one of the five best topless movie scenes 2009.

  2. Naturi Naughton in "Notorious". Playing the character of Lil' Kim was something to be a challenge anyway but Naughton pulled off a stellar performance as she showed herself and begged Biggie Smalls to get on top of her! Great showing for the actress who also played a complete opposite in the "Fame" remake.

  3. Jena Malone in "The Messenger". Those past fans of Donnie Darko have really been waiting for the young actress Malone to turn legal and it happened in 2005, and wasn't long after they got to see her fantastic sex scene in this movie. If you haven't seen it as of yet, it is a great scene and an easy pick for the top five best topless movie scenes 2009.

  4. Amber Heard in "The Informers". A movie that is based on a novel by American Psycho writer Brett Easton Ellis, the tale is one of a young person in Los Angeles. In this movie, you will get to see Heard in topless form when her boyfriend finds her inside a room with four other guys. 

  5. Jessica Biel in "Powder Blue". Possible one of the most anticipated scenes of the year was this one by Biel. It was one that did not fall short for those who saw it either. Easily one of the best bodies out there in show business you even get to see hot candle wax being dripped on it!

Check out these five best topless movie scenes 2009 and see if you can find many that are better!