The 5 best street gang documentaries all take a look at the problems facing the tough streets of cities around America and the world. Some of these choices focus on specific gangs and their members, while others examine the overall issue plaguing the soft underbelly of the streets. Whatever the subject of the documentary, death and violence prevail as the overall theme.

  1. "Concrete Hell." This hardcore look at a faction of the Crips makes the list of best street gang documentaries. The "Grape Street Crips" are one of the oldest gangs still in existence and their rivalry with "The Bloods" has spanned generations. Based in Watts, a suburb of Los Angeles, this movie focuses on not only the group as a whole, but the individuals who both choose this lifestyle and those born into it. Copycat gangs and the feelings surrounding them is also discussed.

  2. "Latin Kings: A Street Gang Story." This hardcore film makes the list of best street gang documentaries. The focus of the film made for HBO is the New York based Latino group who has made gang life a family affair. The documentary focuses on the  leadership within one faction of the gang. The examination of what happened when Antonio Fernandez (King Tone) takes control before going to jail for dealing drugs is highlighted.

  3. "World's Most Dangerous Gang." This entry on the list of best street gang documentaries examine the MS 13 gang. This low profile group is hailed as one of the most violent gangs in American history. The film documents the groups migration from Los Angeles to Central American countries.

  4. "Made in America: Crips and Bloods." This view of street life in Los Angeles makes the list of best street gang documentaries. This film starts from the very beginning of gang life in the area known as Watts, interviewing original members of the gang.

  5. "Nuestra Familia." The final suggestion for best street gang documentaries focuses on the gang that runs the California prison system. Street gangs not only run the streets as shown in this frightening look at what happens when the judicial systems puts members behind bars.