The five best shark documentaries range from good old fashion creepy footage to scientific analysis of these killers of the deep. Many shark documentaries are made from a shock perspective. They are designed to install fear in the viewer. Others give us a brand new perspective of these cold blooded members of the world. Whichever you choose to watch, keep an open mind and enjoy.

  1. "Jaws on the Pacific." Brought to you by the Discovery Channel, this entry on the list of shark documentaries gives a view into the migratory habits of the great white shark. While the sight of these large ocean creatures might strike fear into the heart, they actually have a heart, and are looking for love at the end of their sometimes long journey. Other types of sharks are included in the flick and some science of movement is discussed.

  2. "The Science of Shark Attacks." Another of the shark documentaries presented by Discovery Channel, this one goes to the extreme in the visual department. The horror movie fan is sure to find this movie of great interest. Showing actual attacks and the resulting wounds, the point of the piece is to find out why the sharks attack. Scientific and fairly non-scientific methods are used to examine the biting habits of these cold-blooded creatures.

  3. "Shark Quest." This entry on the list of shark documentaries bears asking the question, why go looking for trouble? The documentary makers go in search of reef and tiger sharks armed only with their wet suits. For the ocean lover, the scenery is a treat.

  4. "Shark Attack- Ian Gordon's Most Dangerous Moments." On the list of shark documentaries, this one is all real. Scientist and shark hunter Ian Gordon shares footage of his close-encounters will the deep water killers.

  5. "Shark Week: 20th Anniversary Edition." The final entry on the list of shark documentaries is a review of the Discovery Channel's yearly series about sharks. Exploring attacks, migration, eating habits and other daily life issues of the shark, this compilation covers it all.