No movie is complete without a big, climactic romantic scene, so here's the 5 best romantic scenes in 2010. Even the scariest of horror films or the most action-packed thrillers need romance. These are the top five romantic scenes in the movies of 2010.

  1. "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" When Edward proposes to Bella in his bedroom with that massive antique ring and she accepts. Twihards all over were dying of jealousy.

  2. "Life As We Know It" Moviegoers forlornly watched Holly return home at the end of the film after her thwarted romantic gesture at the airport. However when we found Messer already waiting inside, we all knew it was going to work out for them this time around.

  3. "Sex and the City 2" When Carrie returned home from Abu Dhabi to an empty apartment, she and fans alike were worried that her almost-fling with Aidan had ruined her marriage to Mr. Big. However he surprised us all when he returns home with a diamond ring, a black diamond nonetheless because, as he puts it, "she's not like anyone else."

  4. "The Young Victoria" Between taking over a kingdom at the young age of 18 and conniving relatives, things did not seem to bode well for young Queen Victoria. Yet despite her uncle's worst intentions, his setting her up with Prince Albert was actually the start of a lasting romance. The final scene of the movie where it sums up how happily they lived on left audiences smiling.

  5. "Easy A" After suffering through a film-full of vicious rumors, Olive finally gets the chivalry of a 1980's movie that she has always dreamed of when her crush holds a boom box up outside her window, a la "Say Anything," and rides her off on his lawnmower, a la "Can't Buy Me Love."