5 Best Pakistani TV Actresses

Wednesday, February 2 by salem rehman

 Here are 5 best Pakistani TV actresses who have gained fame as well as respect in the silver screen industry. Pakistan's TV industry has grown over the years and has managed to gain fame around the world. Being an actress in the Pakistan television industry is very difficult because of the pressure to impress the male-oriented society and gain their confidence. However, apart from all the difficulties, some actresses have proven themselves to be exceptionally good. 

  1. Sania Saeed is one of the super stars of television in Pakistan. She has been working as an actress on TV for more than a decade now and has managed to make her mark as one of the most versatile and successful actresses of the industry. She has won various awards of appreciation for her supreme acting skills. Recently, she won the best TV actress award at the  "LUX Style Awards" 2010, a well known award ceremony of Pakistan. This was given to her for the drama serial "Gosht". This achievement proves that even years after the start of her career, she is still topping the industry. She can rightfully be called best of Pakistani actresses.
  2. Sadia Imam is another veteran of the Pakistan TV industry. She started in 1996 with a series called "Uljhan", which was a big hit, and ever since, she has dominated the industry with her accomplishments. Some of her popular TV series are "Colony 52", "Jab Jab Dil Mille" and "Dohri".
  3. Ayesha Khan is a young Pakistani TV actress who, with her extraordinary talent and beauty, has managed to conquer the hearts of her audience. She started her career with "Deewan-e-Khas" but got huge success with her series "Mehndi". You can see her on almost every Pakistani channel these days, which shows her popularity.
  4. Sarah Chaudhry is a relatively new but very talented Pakistani TV actress. She started her career as a model but began acting and has never looked back. She has given the industry many popular drama series like "Tum Kahan Hum Kahan", "Tareekyan" and "Tere Pehlu Mein".
  5. Maria Wasti, with her overwhelming acting talent, has given so much the TV industry that her name can never be forgotten. In almost a decade of professional work, she has lent her talents to around 50 series. Some of the most popular performances she gave are in "Badlon Pe Basera", "Moorat", "Sheeshe ka Mehel" etc. She has won many awards for her versatile acting skills in her career that is why she is among the best Pakistani TV actresses.
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