If you’re in the mood to see some skin, you’ll want to watch the 5 best nude movie scenes 2010. The following films feature some great bodies and sexy sequences. Watch these movies by yourself or with your girlfriend to get into the mood.

  1. “Love and Other Drugs” In this romantic comedy, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway play a couple that start their relationship out with just pure sex. Love soon blossoms between them, but more importantly, the film contains plenty of sex scenes and some of the best nude scenes of 2010.

  2. “Chloe” In this exotic thriller, Julianne Moore plays a wife who hires a call girl to tempt her husband, played by Liam Neeson. Amanda Seyfried stars as the seductress who gets completely naked in one of the best nude movies scenes of 2010. Along with great nudity, the movie also contains an onscreen make-out session between Moore and Seyfried.

  3. “Machete” This in-your-face 2010 action movie directed by Robert Rodriguez contains several nude movie scenes. The best one, however, features a topless Lindsay Lohan with a naked actress who plays her mother.

  4. “Piranha 3D” This B-movie inspired horror fest contains plenty of nudity to go with all its gore. There are many full frontal shots of women partying hard before they meet their demise. The crazy amounts of nudity make these scenes the best nudity of 2010.

  5. “Brooklyn’s Finest” This cop drama includes both action and nudity throughout the film and has some of the best nude scenes of 2010. Prepare to see numerous women in various stages of undress, including full frontal nudity.