With over 20 years in the entertainment industry and dozens of films to his name, here are the 5 best movies with Will Smith. One of the best actors in Hollywood, he deserves credit as being ambitious, a family-oriented man, producer, and one of the few rappers who successfully crossover to a acting career.

  1. "Bad Boys" (1995). Will Smith turned his acting skills up a notch starring as a badass, suave detective partnered with Martin Lawrence in this action-comedy. The two detectives from the Miami Police Department must seek 100 million in narcotics stolen from the department or Internal Affairs will shut the department down. Filled with great action-packed scenes and funny moments between Smith and Lawrence, this deserves a spot as one of the 5 best Will Smith movies.

  2. "Independence Day" (1996) Although Will Smith got his hug break in "Bad Boys", "Independence Day" places Will Smith as one of the top actors of the 90's. Smith stars as Captain Hiller, who sought to destroy aliens, which planned to destroy the entire world. Despite his plans to be a NASA astronaut thwarted, he was on a mission to save the word from total devastation due to his courageous attitude. Smith is not only seen as a hero, but also humorous in a few scenes and carries the role well enough for “Independence Day” to be one of the five best movies with Will Smith of all time.

  3. "Seven Pounds" (2008) This movie is very different from the usual action movies starring Will Smith. Smith plays, Ben Thomas, a former aeronautical engineer using his brother’s identity as a IRS agent to redeem himself; while driving home with his fiancé, he gets distracted reading a text message and while not looking at the road, he get into a fatal car crash, killing his fiancé, and six others. He shows remorse by donating organs to several people with different physical conditions, one of them with a woman whom he falls in love with. "Seven Pounds" is a wonderful film which showcases Smith's acting and willingness to put his own life on the line to strangers he do not know

  4. "I Am Legend" (2007) After a deadly virus swept across the nation wiping out the entire population Smith plays Robert Beville, a military officer who studies viruses. He is the only surviving human in a deserted city and struggles day by day to survive and find a cure before the existing human population ends for good. Smith gives a great performance in this film, displaying true emotion throughout the movie.

  5. "Pursuit of Happyness" (2006) Based on a true story, Will Smith plays Chris Gardner, a struggling salesman whose determination and his son gives him hope and motivation to improve his quality of living, personally and financially. Will Smith gave an excellent acting performance as he expressed feelings of depth and raw emotion, which makes the audience feels empathic.