The 5 best movies with Tom Hanks are really hard to pick out of the numerous movies that he has starred in and even produced. Tom Hanks has been in the business of making films for the better part of twenty years possibly even more. Hanks has starred in some of the most famous movies to hit the cinema. Tom Hanks has been in over 60 roles in his career and each role he has done something different and new. He has been a hired killer, a bible thumping thief, or a coach of an all women's baseball team. The best thing about Hanks is that he continues to be able to think outsid the box and continue to keep his career and fans waiting for more.

  1. "Philadelphia". Hanks starred as a lawyer working at a prestigious law firm that gets fired because one of the partner suspects he might have AIDS. Hanks goes on to hire Denzel Washington to represent him in his wrongful termination lawsuit. Throughout the film Washington and Hanks form a friendship that will last them until the end.

  2. "Big". Hanks plays a kid turned adult that must make his way through living in New York City. Along the way Hanks meets a woman that helps him do just that.

  3. "Forest Gump". Hanks plays a mentally challenged man that wrestles with everyday life while loving his childhood friend Jenny. During the movie Forest goes on some of the biggest adventures of his life meeting president after president and even managing to become a millionaire.

  4. "Saving Private Ryan". He portrays a military leader who has a mission of brining home Ryan.  This movie takes place in World War II and features some truly graphic scenes of violence as Hanks maneuvers his way to getting Ryan home.

  5. "Charlie Wilson's War". This movie is about Texas representative Charles Wilson and his weapons related dealings with Afghanistan. Wilson went on to help the Afghan army defeat the Soviet army and stop their advancement on them.