Here are the 5 best movies with Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is arguably the biggest movie star to ever hit the big screen. Yeah, yeah, some people may say that Tom Cruise is slightly weird, but one thing that no one can argue against is his ability to draw huge crowds to his flicks. So, picking the five best Tom Cruise movies won’t be a simple task. This list may be slightly biased. The truth is, it’s impossible to choose five movies to represent the best Tom Cruise flicks. Well here they are. Here are the five best movies with Tom Cruise.

  1. "Top Gun" (1986). This Tom Cruise movie, like no other, skyrocketed his popularity with men and women alike. Girls wanted to be with him. Guys wanted to be like him and be with Kelly McGillis. “Top Gun” made it cool to be a fighter pilot. Every dude in America wanted to do an inverted role over an enemy fighter and give him the bird. It was an integral part of the huge machismo push of the 1980’s, and is a classic action movie for the ages.

  2. "Collateral" (2004). Tom Cruise as a stone cold killer assassin. Yeah, it works. It works really well. Cruise played Vincent, a contract killer in Los Angeles for one night. He had a handful of people to erase, and if it wasn’t for a punk cab driver he would have completed his mission. This movie rocks. Seeing Cruise skillfully yet cold heartedly ice his targets is a total change from his usual “good guy” action roles. Cruise plays evil well. You wouldn’t want to run into this character at LAX.

  3. "Mission Impossible III" (2006). This is the third and best of the “Mission Impossible” movie series. The first two, well, they suck. The first had all action and no plot. The second had way too much drama and no action. This particular film has the perfect blend of action and drama. For once, you actually care what happens to Ethan Hunt. You can feel his pain. This is easily one of the best Tom Cruise flicks to date.

  4. "Tropic Thunder" (2008). Les Grossman. Enough said. You all know Tom Cruise can do action. You all know he can do drama. Nobody knew that Tom Cruise could be so funny. His Les Grossman character has to be one of the funniest ever to make it to the big screen. He did more than just hold his own with big name funny men like Ben Stiller and Jack Black. The best part is that no one realized it was Tom Cruise till the credits rolled.

  5. "Interview with The Vampire" (1994). Forget about those teeny bopper “Twilight” flicks. The best vampire movie ever to be made had Tom Cruise cast as Lestat. He was the blood thirsty snob of a vampire that terrorized generations of aristocrats in the New World. If you want to see a real vampire flick, check this one out. Use those other vampire DVDs as glass coasters or something.