5 Best Movies With Robin Williams

Thursday, November 18 by Bobby Ivie

The five best movies with Robin Williams are a mixture of comedy and drama. Williams plays both roles equally well and often mixes them together.

  1. "Good Morning Vietnam." Williams plays a radio disc jockey with an overboard, yet fun, personality. After going to Vietnam to do his show for the troops, he becomes a big hit. However, as he learns more about what is going on, he begins to broadcast his feelings about it. This causes a big stir with the head honchos.
  2. "Mrs. Doubtfire." If you didn't know he starred in this movie, you might start watching it and not even recognize Robin Williams. He is well disguised as a loveable English nanny. He assumes this identity to take a job caring for his own children because his divorce only allows him to see them once a week.
  3. "Awakenings." This movie with Robin Williams is based on a true story where a doctor tries an experimental drug on comatose patients. Once the patients are revived, they have to learn how to deal with life again.
  4. "Dead Poets Society." Williams portrays a teacher who reaches and teaches his students by way of poetry. He inspires them to lead a no-holds-barred lifestyle which eventually causes the death of one of his students. It is the story of how the students support him after he is fired from teaching.
  5. "The Fisher King." One of the best movies with Robin Williams is another film that involves a radio personality. The personality in this one is Jeff Bridges, who is a shock-jock. One of his broadcasts inspires an audience member to commit murder. Bridges becomes despondent and drops out of society. A homeless man (played by Williams) enters his life and things start to change.
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