5 Best Movies With Johnny Depp

Thursday, December 2 by Dorothy Elijah

5 best movies with Johnny Depp as the leading actor is a hard list to compile. Seeing as how Depp has been in more than 50 films in his career since first busting on to the scene as a character on FOX's tv show "21 Jump Street".  In his career he has managed to be the main draw to big box office hits ranging from playing a Pirate to a community outsider with scissors for hands. 

  1. "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" highlighted Depp as a loveable and misdirected Captain of a ship now haunted with ghosts of men. This movie became a hit and spawned three more films after this venture.
  2. "Alice in wonderland" released in 2009 starred Depp as the Mad Hater. This movie was a remake of Disney's original cartoon. It highlighted Depp as a funny and whimsical Hater.
  3. "Blow" a film that featured Depp as an officer turned junkie. Depp went on this dark ride and was nominated for an Oscar for his performance as an actor.
  4. "Donnie Brasco" had Depp playing an agent that was trying to infiltrate the New York City mafia. Depp played this role beautifully as a man that was full of contradiction in his new role.
  5. "Edward Scissorhands" was a scissor-wielding stranger to a town.  Johnny Depp as Edward would go on to capture the hearts and lives of his new neighborhood.

Johnny Depp has been in several roles throughout his career that have spread across all the genres of film. Depp, since stepping into the limelight, has dominated in his field.

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