The 5 best movies with Jessica Alba span genres from creepy to funny. Among others, she proves her great acting skills with these films:

  1. "Sin City." This is a multifaceted movie based on three different stories. Jessica Alba's role in the movie is that of a stripper who is being pursued by a disfigured rapist/serial killer. Bruce Willis co-stars with her; and, he is the one coming to her rescue.

  2. "Valentine's Day." The film is a collage of relationships and their ups and downs. It is set on Valentine's Day; and features a very impressive list of stars, including: Julia Roberts, Kathy Bates, George Lopez, and Queen Latifah.

  3. "The Killer Inside Me." Co-star Casey Affleck plays a quiet small town deputy with a mental illness that turns him psychotic. He is very capable of violent rape and murder. Alba plays prostitute Joyce Lakeland. Due to its extreme violence and graphic nature, this is one of the most controversial movies with Jessica Alba.

  4. "Good Luck Chuck." Chuck (Dane Cook) sees a pattern developing when every time he has sex with a girl and breaks up with her, she marries her next boyfriend. After awhile, Chuck meets Cam (Jessica Alba), and tries to make change that pattern. In the meantime, there are some funny moments while Chuck tries to prove his theory correct.

  5. "Awake." A rich man (Hayden Christensen) is in need of a heart transplant. While under sedation, he discovers that he is actually still awake. He can see and hear what is going on around him. No knowing this, his wife (Alba) and his doctor friend (Terrence Howard) are plotting to kill him to get his money.