The 5 best movies with good sex scenes may just give you an erection while you are watching them, so it is best to maybe wear an extra pair or two (or three) of underwear while you are enjoying these sex scenes. These sex scenes fail to belong to one movie genre exclusively or even feature the same actors: Good sex scenes are good sex scenes (even if they may only be simulated to get you all aroused and stuff), and that's all that counts.

  1. "300." The best movie with a good sex scene goes to the film "300." While this definite distinction may surprise some persons because the film is praised widely for its comic book-style graphics of fight scenes, there is one, smoking sex scene tucked into it that deserves a mention. Just before Gerard Butler's character leaves to get killed by the massive army of Persian in the small passageway, he and his wifey (Lena Headey) engage in some pressing of the flesh. You can even see Headey's boobies in all their majestic and squeezable glory for a few seconds!

  2. "Disclosure." If you've ever wanted to see a good sex scene in a movie that centered around the somewhat rarer concept of female-against-male sexual harassment, then "Disclosure" is your film! From 1994 and starring Michael Douglas and Demi Moore, the film is all about Moore's character coming on to Douglas until he finally surrenders to her lusty and tempting advances...but only to a point. When he rejects her mid-way through the act, she begins wrongly accusing him of sexually harassing her! The nerve!

  3. "Coming Home." 1978's "Coming Home" takes the third spot as the third-best good sex scene in a movie, yet few people may remember it. Starring Jon Voight and a barely hotter Jane Fonda, this film is notorious for showing, shamelessly and up-close, a female orgasm scene where Fonda's character is shown getting off when Jon Voight's character rewards her with oral sex. Perhaps the title should be "cumming" home?

  4. "Body Heat." Another oldie but an alleged goodie, "Body Heat" stars William Hurt and Kathleen Turner (again, just barely hotter than she is now) and is remembered for a sex scene that is controversial only because it's rather silly. Hurt's character gets to nail Turner's character after he takes a chair and smashes it through the bay window of her home! They have sex among the broken shards of glass. How hot.

  5. "Unfaithful." Closing out this list of the best movies with good sex scenes is 2002's "Unfaithful," a vehicle for Diane Lane and lesser-known Olivier Martinez. This movie makes good use of building up eroticism and using suggestiveness to get its sexually charged plot across, as in the scene when Martinez's character and Lane's character get done with a nasty, passion-less and cheap quickie in a restaurant's bathroom. Lane's character emerges with an undone button, telling the audience all it needs to know.