Choosing the 5 best movies with Angelina Jolie is difficult considering throughout her career she has been a Tomb Raider, a mother out to find her lost son and a wronged CIA agent. Luckily with her having such a deep range of work under her wings movie watchers across the world have a lot to choose from. This list will serve as a brief view of her best films. 

  1. "Salt" featured Jolie as a CIA agent that finds herself in arms against some of her co workers. During the movie a Russian spy throws a huge wrench into Jolie's world. Throughout the film she tries to find her husband and save her name. 

  2. "Lara Croft Tomb Raider" was Joile's big intro into action films.  During the filming of this movie she performed almost all of her own stunts lending the scenes to an authentic nature. She went on to star in the sequel to this movie based on a popular video game. 

  3. "The Bone Collector" starred Jolie with veteran, two time Oscar winner Denzel Washington as they worked together to track down a serial killer.  Jolie acts as both the eyes and the legs for a paralyzed police officer. 

  4. "Gia" was a movie about a rebellious super model that is addicted to drugs. Jolie brought this true story to life and helped show how sad and isolated Gia's life was all the way until her tragic death from AIDS. 

  5. In "Changeliing", Jolie portrays a mother that has lost her son or so she thought until the LAPD return her son to her, or do they?  Jolie's character is convinced that the son they return is not hers. She spends the whole movie trying to expose the truth. 

Angelina Jolie has been able to present such a wide range of emotions in her films in the past couple of years that there is no telling what she is capable of.  Enjoy her work and look forward  to all the things that she will most definitely bring to the table.