Do you want to know the what the 5 best movies with Adam Sandler are? For over fifteen years, the funnyman has been a favorite among movie goers looking for a good laugh. With so many great (and not so great) movies under his belt, choosing the best movies with Adam Sandler is a pretty daunting task.

  1. "Billy Madison”. Although it only raked in a modest $25 million at the box office, this film is generally agreed upon by most fans as the vehicle that propelled Adam Sandler to greatness. His role as the immature and childlike Billy Madison gave audiences a taste of the “Sandman's” comedic genius.

  2. "Mr Deeds”. A remake of the 1936 classic with the venerable Gary Cooper, this updated version which was released in 2002, brought in Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder and the magnificent talents of John Turturro. While critics gave the movie average ratings, the paying public came out in droves to see Adam Sandler work his magic.

  3. "The Wedding Singer”. Although some people do not appreciate the brand of comedy Adam Sandler brings to the table, this film is the consensus favorite as the one movie loved by fans and non-fans alike. Set in the wild and wonderful decade of the 80s, Adam Sandler paired up with Hollywood favorite Drew Barrymore and brought in a healthy $80 million at the gates.

  4. "50 First Dates”. Partly due to the stream of constant requests by movie buffs, Adam Sandler teamed up once more with Drew Barrymore for this 2004 romantic comedy. A love-struck admirer of a pretty young lady with an exaggerated form of amnesia set in beautiful Hawaii, proved to be quite a successful premise. The movie once again failed to impress critics but did well financially and turned out to be on of the best movies with Adam Sandler.

  5. "Grownups”. Kevin James. Chris Rock. Rob Schneider. David Spade. Well, maybe not David Spade but any one of these actors could easily headline a movie of their own. Add Adam Sandler in the mix and you have a blockbuster that breached the $160 million mark. The movie was not only a commercial success, fans also loved the hilarious interaction between the four actors, making this one of the best movies with Adam Sandler.