Learn about the 5 best movie star games so you can play some fun games with friends. Movie stars are bigger than life and prove to be great fodder for trivia. People can learn tidbits and trivia to be used in conversation and in these movie star games to show off their star knowledge. Playing movie star games at a party is a great way to keep the party lively and fun.

  1. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. This is perhaps the most popular movie star game. Kevin Bacon is a movie star who has starred in more than 60 movies, which makes this game a fun and somewhat easy one to play. The game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon starts with one person saying another movie star's name, such as Joan Cusack. The game then is to find the shortest link between Joan Cusack and Kevin Bacon, such as Joan Cusack was in "Runaway Bride" with Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts was in "Flatliners" with Kevin Bacon. This link is short with only two links. Then another movie star is mentioned, and the person has to link that person to Kevin Bacon.

  2. Name the Movie. In this movie star game, one person thinks of a movie. They make a list of movie stars in that movie, keeping the list private from the rest of the players. Then they list one movie star and the rest of the players guess which movie it is. Each person gets one guess. If no one guesses the movie, the person with the list names another movie star from the movie until someone guesses the movie correctly.

  3. Movie Quotes. Players think of quotes from movies and write them on paper. Each player takes a turn and says one of the quotes. The other players try to guess the name of the actor and the movie the quote is from.

  4. Movie Trivia. Get a book about movies that contains information like the name of the movie, year it was released, actors' names, plot lines, etc. One person asks a question about a movie, such as, "What year was 'Gone With the Wind' released?" The person who answers the most questions right wins.

  5. Actors and Movies. Make a list of ten actors. List all of the movies they have starred in. Ask the players to split into two teams. Have each team list all of the movies the actor has starred in. The team with the most correct answers wins.