Take your excitement in short doses with these five best mini chase scenes. The following scenes provide thrills, spills and chills all within the recommended cooking time of your generic brand convenience store chili dog with optional nacho cheese cubes.

Snowmobile fun, “Archer”.

A topless heiress, an empty gun, frigid weather and some heavily armed kidnappers make for one freaking great snowmobile chase. Genuine bitterness and strategy fuel Sterling Archer and his temporary ward as they knock off the bad guys, blow some stuff up and make friends with hypothermia. The entire “Swiss Miss” episode is worth watching, like every episode of “Archer”, but if you need a quick chase, then jump to the snowmobiles and smile.

 Bikes and Aliens, “Attack the Block”.

Fleeing from the parking garage back to their apartment, the kids run away from some serious alien beasts in this chase scene. Using the walkways and ramps to add further trouble, “Attack the Block” splinters the group’s unity causing the fun to multiply. There are enough bikes falling down stairs to catapult you back to past summers of skinned knees, flat tires and broken chain links.

Seatbelt safety, “Shoot ‘Em Up”.

Ending fairly quickly with a one-sided exchange of projectile love, “Shoot “Em Up” easily has one of the best mini chase scenes ever. From jumping off a bridge to a speedy pick up of a gun off the road, there’s nothing but action for you to gorge on in this flick. Even though Mr. Smith misses baby Oliver in a positive version of the drive-by, you’ll still get a thousand times your recommended dosage of sweet, sweet testosterone.

Nice shoes, “District B13”.

Leito’s escape from the mountainous K-2 (that pun actually wasn’t intended) and company is a helluva chase that highlights the athleticism of Parkour before it became so overused and under-skilled that you’d bounce off a wall to leave your dorm room rather than just walking the twelve feet to the door. With stunts at deadly (if not maim-worthy) heights and a brutal death by falling down the space between stair railings, “District B13” has one of the best short chases out there. The jump through the top glass of an elderly couple’s apartment is so flawless and fun that you might just risk the insurance co-pay trying that same stunt out at home.

Run and Gun, “Strike Back: Project Dawn”.

Chechnyan terrorists swarm down on Section 20 agents Stonebridge and Scott, kicking off a short but hellishly tense chase through a decrepit town. Episode nine of “Strike Back: Project Dawn” has a chase that bleeds chaos from every cut with death at every corner. Once you see the soccer grenade combination, you won’t ever quit watching.