Marvel Comics has been around for decades, crafting deep universes that consciously interweave during certain storylines and leaving their new animation studio to create what we know as the 5 best Marvel animated movies. Much of the material that these movies are based off are from Marvel Comics, but Marvel Animation does a great job of making the lines of texts come to life on the screen in these five best films.

  1. "Ultimate Avengers" This animated movie by Marvel Animation studios details the creation of the super team known at The Avengers. The best animated movie on this list may have a few unconventional names for those only in the mainstream scene of Marvel Comics, such as the Wasp, but hardcore comic fans will find the stories and somewhat quirky characters welcoming.

  2. "Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme" Doctor Strange is by far one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel Universe. Starting as one of the most talented doctors in the world, this story details Doctor Strange's fate of going from a talented doctor to a magic wielding sorcerer.

  3. "Planet Hulk" The story may begin too abruptly for some with the Hulk waking up nearly in space, but the film separates itself from the others due it its unique location. Many of the characters and locations are unexplored, except for in the Planet Hulk comic series, making it one of the best and refreshing Marvel animated movies on the list.

  4. "Ultimate Avengers 2" The follow up to the best movie on this list, this Marvel animated movie picks up shortly after the first one and has much of the same as the previous film. It may not be as well written as the first one, but with a somewhat major character dying at the end of a story, it is certainly worthy of checking out.

  5. "The Invincible Iron Man" The quality larger suffers because of the success of the quality of the live action film. It tells the story of Iron Man's creation, with slightly different characters and situations from the live-action film, but some viewers may like Rhodes accompanying Tony through the initia Iron Man creation process. If you do consider yourself an Iron Man fanatic, then the movie should do enough to possibly vault it to up to the top or best of your list.