You’re in the mood to watch a good action film so why not try one of these 5 best martial arts movies 2009. Martial arts movies are filled with ninjas, assassins, martial arts training warriors and drop dead gorgeous female fighters. This list is compiled mostly of the top grossing martial arts movies of 2009. Grab some popcorn and get ready to be thrust into a world of fast paced action.

  1. “Ninja Assassin.” In this five best martial arts movie 2009 the story takes you through a young boy’s journey, trained to become a ninja, who then turns his back on the clan. The assassin then becomes the target. It was the highest grossing martial arts film at near $40 million world wide.

  2. “fighting.” Story of a young man trying to make something with his life in New York City but gets caught up in the underworld circuit of stree fighting. This action packed film combines martial arts with boxing.

  3. “Dragonball Evolution.” If you love fantasy adventure then this story takes a young warrior on a quest to recover seven magical orbs that will grant the possessor unlimited power. As one of the five best martial arts movies 2009 it’s a race to see if good or evil possesses the orbs.

  4. “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.” Based on an arcade game “Street Fighter” this particular best five martial arts movie 2009 explores the origins of one of the fighters, the female Chun-Li. She is trained to fight to avenge what happened to her parents in her quest for justice and vengeance.

  5. “Raging Phoenix.” Though this film was not a top grossing film it gets high marks for heroism in a movie. A young warrior is trained in a unique fighting martial arts style to engage in an all out battle with a gang that is terrorizing woman across Thailand. Heroes in the making top of this list of five best martial arts movies of 2009.