If you enjoy Asian television dramas, consider watching these 5 best Korean soap operas. Usually presented in mini-series format, Korean soap operas are television dramas produced in the Korean language. Korean soap operas are very popular in Asian and have a growing popularity in other parts of the world, especially Latin America and the Middle East. Some programs are accessible for computer viewing or download, so check online for availability.

Arranged alphabetically for your convenience, here are five of the best soap operas produced in the Korean language.

  1. “Alone In Love” “Alone in Love” is a South Korean soap opera that aired in 2006. Originally titled “Yeonae sidae,” the show centers on two people who fall in love, marry and divorce. And through it all, they love each other. This series stars Jae-suk Ha, Yeong-mi Jeon and Hyeon-seob Shim.

  2. “Full House” Originally titled “Pool ha-woo-seu,” “Full House” is a 2004 South Korean drama starring Hye-kyo Song, Rain and Eun-jeong Han. The television series is based on a Korean cartoon or manhwa. It focuses on a script writer whose friends sell her house when she is on vacation. Returning home, she finds a famous actor living in her house. The series follows the couple through marriage, divorce, love and remarriage.

  3. “Hotelier” “Hotelier” is a 2001 South Korean romantic drama starring Hwa-jeong Choi, Yong-jun Bae and Jin-hie Han. Japanese television remade this soap opera in 2007. Set in Seoul Hotel, the series follows the family of a dead hotelier, their relationships with each other and with various people involved with the hotel business.

  4. “I’m Sorry, I Love You” “I’m Sorry, I Love You” is a 2004 South Korean soap opera originally titled “Mianhada, saranghandal.” The story centers on a street guy adopted by Australian foster parents. He fights against death and revenge through tragic circumstances, determined to return to Korea to find the parents who abandoned him. The series stars David No, Ji-seob So and Su-jeong Lim.

  5. “Love Story In Harvard” “Love Story In Harvard” is a 2004 Korean soap opera starring Rae-won Kim, Tae-hee Kim and Jeong-jin Lee. Originally titled “Rubeusutori in Habeodeu,” the series follows the lives of two South Korean students at Harvard Law School and a Harvard Medical School student.