These 5 best Korean soap operas are all exquisite in content and quality. Korean soap operas are quite similar to U.S. soap operas, except typically they lack the endless plot and overwhelming sexuality. Nonetheless, these 5 are just as entertaining and engaging.

  1. "You're Beautiful": This South Korean romantic soap opera follows the story of a band with a female member disguised as her brother. Love sparks between band members, making for a highly dramatic array of love scenes The great plot and romance make this one of the best soap operas.

  2. "Princess Hours": This soap opera was one of the Korean network's (MBC) most popular dramas. The show depicts a fictional reality, where South Korea has royal rule since 1945. The show depicts love that blossoms between the Crown Prince and the Bride he marries early in the show.

  3. "Boys Before Flowers": This soap opera is a Korean adaptation of the Japanese soap "Manga." The Korean version received several awards and was immensely popular in South Korea. It is no doubt this show has been so well-received, as it has phenomenal acting and well-developed script.

  4. "Winter Sonata": Popular in South Korea and throughout Asia, this soap opera is so engaging that it was made into an animated series. The story follows the story of a boy that moves to a rural town and falls in love, only to have a serious accident and loose his memory. For a truly unique and entertaining soap opera, "Winter Sonata" is a must-see.

  5. "Brilliant Legacy": This Korean soap opera follows two stories simultaneously, with a Cinderella twist to one of them. There are many high suspense moments in this show as families overcome tragedies and struggles. It truly is a masterpiece, one that is not to be missed.