The 5 best Korean action movies not only contain wonderful cinematic fight scenes, but also emotional tales of strife and love. Listed below are the 5 best Korean action movies.  

  1. "Running Turtle" When the serial killer terrorizing the countryside slips through his fingers, police officer Phil-sung is fired from his job. Phil-sung is determined to get revenge by taking down the killer and prove his worth. Fabulous action and great scenes of the country, "Running Turtle" is one of the best Korean action movies.

  2. "Beautiful Sunday" To pay for his wife’s medical costs, detective Kang resells the product of the drug lords he arrests. But when visit from a stranger connects his arrests to his wife’s illness, Kang must follow the trail to see if he himself is responsible for her vegetative state. A true thriller with a heart-wrenching emotional element, Beautiful Sunday is a great action movie.

  3. "Terrorists" The two brothers have served together for years on the police force, but when one becomes frustrated with the failure of the justice system and decides to initiate renegade justice, they just might find themselves facing each other in a battle. A true story of brotherly love and doing what is right, Terrorists is one of the best action movies.

  4. "Typhoon" When a disgruntled pirate decides to seek revenge by releasing plutonium into the atmosphere, the commander of elite forces must deter his plans. Typhoon shows how two men from one country can be so different in their beliefs and they way they live. The action movie is considered to be one of the best Korean movies.

  5. "The City of Violence" After talking with his high school buddies after a friend’s funeral, Tae-su realizes that there is something wrong with the way his friend died. Tae-su embarks on a journey to find the truth, but encounters resistance every step of the way. A great action film, the Korean movie demonstrates how the bonds of brotherhood can extend beyond bloodlines.