The 5 best Jet Li action movies offer a nice mix of different entertainment experiences. Some of these movies are more epic in scope, while others are smaller and more intimate. All of them include plenty of the classic martial arts action that Jet Li is known for.

  1. “Hero” Out of all the Jet Li action movies, this probably offers the most complete experience. The film is a mix of historical and fantasy elements with a big budget and amazing fight scenes.

  2. “Unleashed” This is one of the most unique Jet Li action movies. It’s about a man who was raised to be fighting machine by a bunch of gangsters. It manages to be both exciting and emotionally moving.

  3. “The Forbidden Kingdom” This is one of the most enjoyable Jet Li action movies for the whole family. It’s about a boy who is drawn back into the times of the legendary kung-fu masters.

  4. “Once Upon a Time in China” This movie is more educational than most of the other Jet Li action movies on this list. It details the life of a famous Chinese hero and includes many interesting historical tidbits.

  5. “Fist of Legend” This is more directly about martial arts than most of the other Jet Li action movies on this list. It’s about a young man who’s out to avenge the death of his master. It deals with the theme of Japanese arts versus Chinese arts, which has always been a major subject for martial arts cinema.