The 5 best Japanese racing movies encompass all the thrills you come to expect. The Japanese are known for their racing, specifically street racing. This phenomenon is captured in some of the finest Japanese racing movies. This article will introduce you to the five best the Japanese have to offer the racing movie fan.

  1. “Midnight Street Racing” 2002: This Japanese racing movie is all about hot cars and the world of pink slip racing. Another Japanese movie based on a popular video game, midnight racing examines the underground world of street racing. Awesome cars and even sweeter races makes this a top choice for Japanese racing movies.

  2. Wangan Full Throttle” 2008: The Japanese take their racing seriously. this fast-paced Japanese racing movie is about the Wangan manga that originally ran from 1990-2008.  The racing takes place on a stretch of Tokyo highway known as the Wangan. The storyline follows a teenage boy and his desires to snag the best of the best, his love for the classics.

  3. “Speed Racer The Movie” 1993: The first feature film for "Speed Racer" fans was this fully animated feature film. Released in Japan and then internationally to mixed results. For Speed Racer fans, however this was a major even in preparation for the full feature live action release in 2008. The story follows that of the anime series and is filled with racing and the winning ways of the world’s number one racer.

  4. “Initial D” 2005: This Japanese racing anime got its start as a feature film that inspired a TV series and a video game. The movie follows the exploits of a young man as he makes his way up the ranks. His perseverance pays off, as he becomes a Japanese racing legend as the top drifter in the sports history. 

  5. Shuto Kôsoku toraiaru” 1988: This is a Japanese film is about the challenge of beating the current F1 road speed record. The competition is based on street racers taking on the Tokyo course that includes maneuvering the Devil’s Curve as part of the Shuto Expressway.