The 5 best Japanese ghost movies are the movies that will give you a shock and a scare so bad that you may lose control of your bladder...and other, basic functions, too! The Japanese have a different take on the ghost movie genre than Americans do, so it is a nifty opportunity to pick up some cultural lessons in fear by watching these films.

  1. "Kwaidan." "Kwaidan" is easily the best Japanese ghost movie because of its mood-establishing environment and also its filming techniques. This Japanese ghost movie from 1965 also embodies a sort of "epic" feeling that you get when watching it--due to its blissfully scary cinematography--which is rare for a ghost movie. Watch this Japanese classic with the lights out if you are man enough to do so.

  2. "Ju-on (The Grudge)." "Ju-on (The Grudge)" was later remade into a Hollywood and Americanized version, but for the best scares, you should see the original, Japanese version. At number two on this list of the five best Japanese ghost movies due to its status as the original, "Ju-on (The Grudge)" is all about the ghostly and haunting aftereffects on the house that saw many years of violence inflicted inside its walls. So the next time you're thinking of committing domestic violence, don't go through with it because the violence inflicted by you could turn into a curse...just like in this movie.

  3. "Kairo." "Kairo" is sometimes known by its English name "Pulse," and it is yet another in movie-making's attempt to show what happens during an apocalyptic situation, but with a twist. While many other horror and ghost movies have attempted this before, this Japanese ghost movie succeeds because it tries to make the audience feel its fear instead of aggressively force it down your throat like many of these kinds of movies. That alone warrants it a number three spot on this list.

  4. "Cursed." "Cursed" is the Japanese film that you should watch if you really want to defecate in your pants--it's that scarily upsetting! It has a quite unique story line, which is another point of attraction in these Japanese ghost movies. It is a movie about a part-time employee at a mini-mart, a mini-mart that is infested with demonic spirits that already have affected its owner and his wife. This plot is so unique that it deserves a four spot on this countdown of the best Japanese ghost movies.

  5. "Dark Water." Many people may not actually know this, which is all the more the pity, but "Dark Water" with Jennifer Connelly was only the remake of the real "Dark Water" film, which was a Japanese ghost movie from 2002. Set in an old apartment building that's run down, this film tells the tale of a divorcee who tries to win custody of her daughter, only to be pestered by a leak in her apartment that begins a whole series of ghostly events.