The 5 best James Bond movies all have one thing in common: a dashing hero. The series of movies inspired by the novels of Ian Fleming all follow the adventures of top secret agent in services to the British government. While the character stays the same, over the years, the actor has changed. Sometimes for the best, sometimes not so much. All the movies offer surprise and amazing gadgets to keep the movie goer coming back for more.

  1. "Dr. No." Topping the list of best James Bond movies is the movie that started it all. While not actually the first movie based on the Ian Fleming series, this 1962 classic was the first to become a box office smash. Sean Connery plays the hero with his love interest and very first Bond Girl, Ursala Andress. The plot involves a mad scientist, Dr. No, who plots to take over the world from his hide-out on the island of Jamaica by using energy waves to interrupt nuclear defense systems. We first hear the now legendary "Shaken, not stirred" as 007 orders a drink in this flick.

  2. "Live and Let Die." The introduction of the incredibly handsome Roger Moore puts this one on the list of best James Bond movies. The 1973 flick starred the legendary Jane Seymour as the Bond Girl known only as Solitaire. The plot revolves around the assassination of three of Bonds fellow agents. While investigating, 007 finds himself becoming the target of the killers. The theme song for this flick, performed be Paul McCartney and Wings, won top spots on the music charts.

  3. "The Spy Who Loved Me." The next entry on the list of best James Bond movies includes the introduction of 007's biggest Achilles heel, Jaws. The huge man with metal teeth gives Bond and his girl, Kathryn Bach, a run for their money as they attempt to foil a shipping tycoon's evil plot.

  4. "View to Kill." This one of the best James Bond movies introduces the dashing Pierce Brosnan in the lead role of 007. The actor was contacted previously to take on the part, but was forced to refuse due to contractual obligations. When he finally hit the screen in 1997, he proved he was the right man for the job.

  5. "For Your Eyes Only." The final entry on this list of best James Bond movies is the underwater adventure of 007. In search of sunken cargo, the film gives us incredible views of coral reefs and ocean wonders as the hero fights for his life in the deep.