These are the 5 best IMAX movie theaters from around the globe that stand out as the wonders of the IMAX world. These theaters are almost worth taking a vacation to these places just to see the IMAX Theater.

  1. Cinesphere, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Since it is a Canadian company, it makes sense that the very first IMAX Theater would be built in Canada. Since 1971, this theater has awed audiences with its Disney-esque dome. The screen is 86 feet wide and 60 feet tall. The theater located in an amusement park known as, Ontario Place, on the north shore of Lake Ontario, 752 seat capacity and is considered to be one of the best Imax movie theatres anywhere in the world.

  2. L'Hemisferic - Valencia, Spain. If you've only seen uncomplicated designs for movie theaters, even a globe, Valencia's L'Hemisferic Theater will cause your jaw to drop. It's constructed in the shape of a giant eye, with the theater in the "pupil," and doubles as biggest planetarium in Europe. Designed by Europe’s leading architect, it was completed in 1998 and serves as the pride and joy of Valencia's "City of Arts and Sciences”

  3. Darling Harbour-Sidney Australia. The IMAX, located at Darling Harbour in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods is the biggest IMAX screen in the world at one hundred seventeen point two feet wide and ninety six point five feet high has the capacity to seat five hundred forty people. Its projector requires not one, but two 15,000-watt light bulbs, and requires a massive cooling system that "provenance one thousand six hundred cubic meters of air and thirty-six liters of purified water through the lamp housing every sixty seconds." The sound system is similarly enormous: A fifteen thousand-watt digital surround sound system.

  4. Futuroscope - Poitiers, France. Located in the “Parc du Futuroscope,” one of the Best Imax Movie Theatres theme park located in France and based on digital multimedia and IMAX technology, the ‘Kinescope Theater” is the only one in the world to house every single type of IMAX: Normal, dome, and 3D, dome 3D and flying-carpet-style. The "flying carpet" type screen features a second screen on the floor, giving the sensation of a weightless or floating experience.

  5. Science Museum of Minnesota - Sain Paul, USA. The Science Museum of Minnesota's extreme changeable dual-screen system makes it the best IMAX Theater in the States. It was the pioneer of the convertible screen, which features both a flat screen and a dome that can be moved to show known as Omni-films made-for-domed IMAX Theater movies. It also boasts the "world’s largest electronic cinema projector that is permanently installed” but the colossal motorized structure is what placed this theater on the list: The exterior of the theater actually had to be built around the screen's mechanism.

These are the five best IMAX movie theatres in the world. They are also some of the most amazing structures and are architectural wonders in themselves. It is certainly worth going to see a movie while you are visiting one of these cities.