The 5 Best Horror Movies for 2009 all involve lot's of blood, gore and some supernatural occurrences which all tend to wreck havoc amon the town and it's inhabitants. These types of movies are not for the weak at heart. Be prepared to scream, cover your eyes and grab the person next to you in these films. Below are the best horror films for 2009.

  1. "My Bloody Valentine 3-D": The three dimensional remake of the 1981 slasher classic "My Bloody Valentine" is one of the best horror movies of 2009. A man tries to save his former girlfriend from a maniacal miner after returning home two decades after the bloody Valentine's Day massacre took place. The problem is that he is now implicated in the case.

  2. "25/8": As one of the best horror films for 2009, "25/8" was created by Wes Craven. A deranged murderer returns home to torment a group of kids who share the birthday of the day he was supposed to have been left for dead.

  3. "The Unborn": Best known for the films "Blade" and "The Invisible," David S. Goyer has created "The Unborn" which is one of the best horror films for 2009. A pregnant woman becomes possessed by the entity inside her and all kinds of creepy things start to happen. The film stars movie greats such as Jane Alexander and Gary Oldman.

  4. "Drag Me to Hell": Horror film writer, Sam Raimi has returned to make "Drag Me to Hell" which is also one of the best horror films for 2009. A mysterious older Eastern European woman casts a spell on a young lady. The supernatural curse she has cast makes for a hellish world for all those concerned.

  5. "Piranha": French horror director, Alaxendre Aja has remade the 1978 B-movie Piranha into one of the best horror films for 2009. An earthquake in Lake Havasu's Lake bottom causes a school of crazy prehistoric fish to be let loose. Unfortunately for the town, a blood bath takes place with the release of these fish.