A cinematic flashback of the 5 best horror movies of 2008 unveils a competitive eeriness in this decade. The frightful suspense of legendary slasher films, such as "Halloween," "Friday the 13th," and "A Nightmare on Elm Street," no longer affects avid horror fans. Desensitized movie-goers no longer peer over their shoulders after leaving the theatre. In fact, modern horror producers continue to raise the bar on shockingly grotesque scenes. The "torture porn" industry was born this decade with an unimaginable collection of outright lunacy.

  1. "Inside": French cinematography haspushed the envelope in recent years. Among them include "Martyrs," "Irreversible," and "Frontiers," which increasingly shocks the viewer into a numbing effect of shock and awe. "Inside" bars no exception with a hauntingly twisted plot that terrifies expected mothers. "Inside" induces a queasiness unparalleled since the advent of "Cannibal Holocaust."

  2. "The Midnight Meat Train": Lionsgate knows no end when it comes to horror. A butchery becomes an instant cult classic, and rivals some of the best horror movies in 2008. A typical cat-and-mouse serial killer stalked by a detective determined to cease the senses disfigurements.

  3. "The Strangers": "The Strangers" re-enacts the terror of brutalizing a young couple during a vacation at their remote cabin getaway. A mixed gender trio armed with ax-wielding ability eventually maim their victims without an ounce of remorse

  4. "Stuck": "Stuck" recaptures the vogue horror flicks as it exploits societies apathy. A black comedy with a message.

  5. "Frontiers": "Frontiers" released from the French film heavy weights of "torture porn." The film carries an aura of influence from earlier slasher films, such as "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Silence of the Lambs," and merges it with the darker aspects of modern cinematography. "Frontiers" really inflicts the notion of thinking twice before the conception of birth.