Holiday gone wrong movies takes normal people and places them in situations that makes them wonder if they ever want to see another holiday again. Whether the problems are thrown at them 100-miles an hour or they are responsible for the misery of others, these movies make any normal person happy to face their small problems when the holiday season rolls around.

  1. “Home Alone”  This is the movie that introduced the world to Macaulay Culkin, the annoying little kid who became close friends with Michael Jackson. In the movie, Culkin plays Kevin, a brat in a dysfunctional family who gets left at home alone for the holidays when his family rushes off on their vacation. By the time they figure out he isn’t there, he has already started to protect their home from two persistent burglars. Culkin also starred in a sequel where he gets lost in New York City, although it was nowhere near being one of the best holiday gone wrong movies, like the original was.

  2. “Christmas Vacation”  In the comedy genre, there isn’t a better choice for the best holiday gone wrong movies than this National Lampoon presentation: “Christmas Vacation.” Chevy Chase was at the height of his star power when this movie came out as he reprises his role of Clark Griswold, a husband and father who remains obsessed with making sure everything is perfect for his family. Of course, in this movie, the best of the series, nothing he does goes right and it remains one of the most hilarious holiday movies ever made.

  3. “The Family Stone”  Switching out of the comedy genre, “The Family Stone” tells the story of a close family who finds they have to accept a newcomer into their household for the holidays. Sarah Jessica Parker co-stars in one of her few admirable film roles as an uptight businesswoman who tries to win over a close-knit family including her fiancée’s gay brother, a pot-smoking slacker brother and a judgmental sister. She seems to do everything wrong but, as with the best holiday gone wrong movies, everything comes together in the end.

  4. “Four Christmases”  If your idea of a bad holiday is spending it with your relatives, then this holiday gone wrong movie is right up your alley. Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon play a couple on the brink who always avoid their broken families at Christmas.  When a massive flight delay causes them to be outed by a news crew covering the story, their families become well aware that they will be in town for the holidays. As a result, they have to make four stops at their families homes to celebrate Christmas with each. As the day progresses, their relationship is pushed to the test in the most hilarious ways possible.

  5. “A Christmas Story”  When talking about the best holiday gone wrong movies, you can’t skip over “A Christmas Story.” The quote, “You’ll shoot your eye out,” is one of the most often quoted movies lines in cinema history and this story of a young boy who only wants one special present never lowers itself to cheap laughs. From the little brother bundled up and tortured to the father with a sailor’s mouth, this movie brings to life a very real family trying to make it through Christmas any way they can.