If you're a ghost movie aficionado, you may want to know about them by decade so this list will help you learn about 5 best ghost movies 2008. This list includes movies specifically in 2008 and they have to have a ghost in them to qualify. Maybe this list of 5 best ghost movies will let you find something you haven't seen before. It's all subjective but hopefully you enjoy these 5 best ghost movies.

  1. "The Eye" This 2008 ghost movie was based on a Japanese film by the same name. It stars Jessica Alba as an eye transplant recipient who starts seeing visions of the donor. These visions are happening for a reason and she won't get any relief from them until she finds out what she is meant to do and what the ghost is trying to tell her.

  2. "mirrors" "Mirrors" is another Asian remake and is about a security guard, played by Keifer Sutherland, who starts seeing ghosts in the mirrors of a large department store he is guarding. These images may be tied to a series of murders and he'll have to find out what they are trying to tell him before he can rid himself of the haunting

  3. "Passengers" This is a movie starring Anne Hathaway about a therapist who counsels the survivors of a plane crash. She starts noticing that the survivors are coming up missing and she must find out why. This has a twist ending and an excellent plot. While it may not have been a blockbuster at the theaters, it is well worth a look for anyone that loves a good ghost story.

  4. "Shutter" Like most of the ghost movies made today, "Shutter" is a remake of an Asian film by the same name. Starring Joshua Jackson, it tells the tale of a couple that are visited by a woman they hit with their car one night. Things are not as simple as they seem though and this movie has an excellent twist to it.

  5. "One Missed Call" Last but not least, another Asian remake is "One Missed Call." It is about a group of people that keep getting voice mail on their cell phones. Once they get the call, their lives are in danger because the voice mail is their death and how they sound as they are dying. They have to find out how they are getting the call to avoid becoming another death.

There you have it, the 5 best ghost movies 2008. There may be a few you're familiar with and maybe there are some you haven't heard of. Either way, these are some of the best so enjoy the list and learn about 5 ghost movies 2008.