Are you looking for the top 5 gangster movies of 2008? 2008 may not have been the greatest year for gangster movies but these gangster movies are ones you may have missed out on watching. So grab the popcorn and sit back and enjoy the 2008 gangster movies.

  1. "The Deadliest Lesson" What happens when a English teacher witnesses the shooting of a drug dealing student? Did I mention the shooter was a drug lord? When the gang finds out she saw the murder what will happen to the pretty English teacher and her boyfriend the physics teacher?

  2. "I Want to Be a Gangster" When a young thug, Jack, thinks he can handle hanging with the big gangsters he may find out he bit off more than he can chew. Jack will soon learn that crossing the deadliest gangsters will end in a slow torturous death.

  3. "Gangster Girls" Ever wonder what it’s like at a women’s prison in Austria. This documentary movie walks you through muggings, shopping sprees and heroin trips. Learn the stories of how these women ended up in prison and what prison is turning them into.

  4. "Mexican Gangster" This is a very low budget movie and you can certainly tell once you start to watch it. Based on a true story, "Mexican Gangster" is about a gangster who is trying to keep it clean.

  5. "Mobsical: The Mob Musical" What happens when you mix comedy, gangsters and music together? A movie full of laughs and crazy comical laughs. When the mobsters start caring about what they are wearing over the victims they are killing, it’s time to find a new profession.