The 5 best erotic scenes 2010 helped make a good year in movies even better. Some of the top stars in Hollywood got in on the act when it came to creating erotic scenes. When you look at the list of movies from 2010 to add to your movie collection don't forget the movies with the 5 best erotic scenes of 2010.

  1. "Sex And The City 2" (2010). Erotic scenes are expected in any of the "Sex And The City" television shows or movies. But the one of the 5 best erotic scenes 2010 appears at the end of the sequel to the popular first "Sex And The City" (2008) movie. When Samantha (Kim Cattrall) finally gets her man at the end of the movie in a wild beach erotic scene, we get to see what all of the talk is about.

  2. "The Town" (2010). The thing that makes the erotic scene in "The Town" (2010) one of the 5 best erotic scenes 2010 is the perfect way in which the sexual tension between bank robber Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) and and bank teller Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall) is built up. When they finally do get together it is one of the hottest love scenes of 2010.

  3. "Machete" (2010). A Robert Rodriguez directed movie always has a bit of everything. In "Machete" (2010), the her Machete (Danny Trejo) gets to have a hot love scene with the immigration officer Sartana Rivera (Jessica Alba) sent to stop him. But Rivera is no match for the charisma of "Machete," and the resulting love scene is one of the 5 best erotic scenes 2010.

  4. "Machete" (2010). The movie "Machete" (2010) makes the list of the 5 best erotic scenes 2010 for a second time with the kind of an erotic scene you do not see in many mainstream movies. April Booth (Lindsay Lohan) and her mother June Booth (Alicia Marek) decide to make a nasty movie in their pool starring the two of them together with Machete (Danny Trejo). It is the kind of stuff that keeps the fellas coming back to Robert Rodriguez movies.

  5. "The Losers" (2010). "The Losers" (2010) has it all. It has explosions, espionage, government cover-ups and one of the 5 best erotic scenes 2010. When Loser leader Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the under-handed Aisha (Zoe Saldana) get together, there is plenty of fireworks to keep the movie going.