Whether you love a good fright, or a good story, there is something for you on this list of the 5 best English horror movies from 2008. While some of the best movies in 2008 were in foreign languages, like "The Orphanage" or "Frontieres", sometimes you are just in the mood for a good old-fashioned English horror flick. This list of the best English horror movies includes both the gory and the suspenseful, but all of these movies are likely to give you something to think about… while you’re up all night.

  1. "Spiral" - "Spiral" is a classic horror/thriller movie in that it doesn’t rely on tons of action and gore to attract viewers or make its point. The plot is superb with just enough twists and turns to keep things interesting, and the acting is just as good. This movie is a true Hitchcockian thriller that will leave you guessing until the end, when you wind up satisfied.

  2. "Teeth" - "Teeth" takes a very disturbing premise and turns it into the second best English horror movie of 2008. "Teeth" is the story of a uptigh high school girl who discovers teeth in her vagina. The premise may sound as disgusting as it does absurd, but once your initial shock wears off there is actually a lot of depth to this movie.

  3. "Otis" - The third film in this list of the best English horror movies of 2008, "Otis" combines horror and comedy to create a memorable experience. Early on this film isn’t all that special, but things quickly unravel as the film progresses, and the second half is just genius.

  4. "Splinter" - Coming in fourth on this list of the best English horror movies of 2008, "Splinter" has all the makings of a forgettable horror flick, but everything is executed so perfectly that the movie truly stands out. A couple comes across a pair of criminals on a lonely road and obviously get kidnapped, but the situation soon gets out of control as they are all attacked by odd-looking zombies.  The rest of the movie is classic horror as the characters have to fight for survival.

  5. "Midnight Meat Train" - This movie is based on a story by Clive Barker, and Barker hasn’t always had the best film adaptations, but there is plenty to love in this move and it comes in fifth on this list of the best English horror movies of 2008. The story follows a New York photographer as he stumbles across a serial killer in the subway system, and then discovers that the secret behind the killer. The movie has a solid story, plenty of gore, and a director who knew how to shoot it right.