After flooding our minds with hundreds of disturbing images (yes, we may need to get help for this), we were left with no choice but to compile the 5 best death scene 2010 had to offer. What flips your script? If you are anything like us, it’s a combination of everything: the script, the plot, the musical score, along with the director and actor’s talent. The convergence of these components allows the viewer to become immersed in the story. 

Moreover, it’s not always about the gore. If you feel empathy with the actor’s plight, you fall deeper into their physical and emotional agony! Believability. This is when your nightmare becomes real. Here are our top five best death scene of 2010.  Some are not exactly, ahem, masterpieces, but after seeing how the grim reaper inflicts his wrath, see if you don’t agree with our picks, too.

  1. "Inception" (Direction: Christopher Nolan, Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard) Suffice to say, this science-fiction movie about layered dreams within dreams is best watched without adult beverages if you plan to understand this death scene. When Mal begs hubby to jump off the ledge and commit suicide with her, the meticulous, enduring production of her foot stepping on broken glass makes madness and death look tragic, yet elegant. It’s a must-see.

  2. "The Lovely Bones" (Direction: Peter Jackson, Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Mark Wahlberg, Susan Sarandon) Apparently, many critics had a few “bones” to pick with this disturbing story; however, the obscene child murder is delivered with immense grace and gravity. Often in a well-written novel, the power of your imagination can be much more graphic than the bloodiest death scene ever depicted on the screen, but this best death scene brings it. It’s not simply about the horrendous murder of a young girl, but the aftermath of Susie's life and the miracles that come later. Rarely has a death scene launched by a murderous killing seemed so alive.

  3. "Piranha" (Direction: Alexandre Aja, Staring: Elizabeth Shue, Richard Dreyfuss) Did you really think we were going to stick with elegant death scenes? Not a chance. In this crappy movie, partygoers attempt to get away from prehistoric, razor-toothed man-eating residents. This best death scene may be short on plot, but it’s long on senseless blood and gore. Reminiscent of "Ghost Ship," bikini-clad girls are snipped in two by a snapped cable, which causes everyone to fall into the infested waters. Heads and brains explode as boats crash into people who just wish demon fish were their only dilemma. One woman is even scalped by a boat propeller. Awesome stuff.

  4. "Machete" (Direction: Robert Rodriquez, Starring: Robert De Nero, Jessica Alba) Ever had an insatiable desire to intestinal bungee jump? If so, "Machete" is the best death scene of 2010 exploitative B-style movie in which to learn. Handily, the intestinal human tract is 22 feet long and one unfortunate soul learns a lot about biology by cutting open a stomach and tossing himself out of the window, swinging by guts and gore like Tarzan on crack. It is grotesque, bloody and hideous, but altogether, unspeakably badass.

  5. "The Killer Inside Me" (Direction: Michael Winterbottom, Starring: Kate Hudson, Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba) Ms. Alba must have a penchant for hateful, disgusting death scene movies; 2010 was her year for them. It is reported that she even walked out when she was killed off at its Sundance debut. There is a fine line between porn and art and in some ways, it is hard to tell the difference as the psychotic sheriff sends people to an early demise in much the same way you might offer someone a beverage.