Overall, the 5 best comedy scenes of 2010 were very funny. These comedy scenes were hilarious, off-the-wall, and like nothing we've seen in movies before. Whether it's "Youth in Revolt" or "Date Night", the best comedy scenes of 2010 knew how to make us laugh. Check out our top picks below, and get ready to rent these classics from your local video store:

  1. When Jacob finds his father ("Hot Tube Time Machine"). Rob Corddry makes an excellent jerk, especially when he gets to pick on Clark Duke. A younger Lou Dorchen (Corddry) must conceive Jacob (Duke) or else he might not exist in the future. Can you say "awkward" for this comedy scene?

  2. Claire introduces Phil to her former "client" ("Date Night"). Phil and Claire Foster are your ordinary couple; until, that is, they are tracked down by mobsters on accident. Some of the best comedy scenes of 2010 follow, including one where Tina Fey introduces Steve Carell to her former client. She obviously flirts with him (Mark Wahlberg), never suspecting her aloof husband would figure it out.

  3. The guys meet Rob's daughter ("Grown Ups"). Rob Schneider (also creatively titled "Rob" in the movie) has smoking-hot daughters. Then again, one of them also looks just like him (wink wink). One of the best comedy scenes of the year, for sure. That is, until they get caught looking!

  4. The "idiot" party ("Dinner for Schmucks"). When the rich aristocrats gather around to make fun of the mentally handicapped guests, the dinner takes a turn for the funnier. Steve Carell and his friends ravage the party and attack the pompous jerks, making for some of the best comedy scenes in the whole movie.

  5. Becoming cops ("The Other Guys"). No one treats Marky-Mark Wahlberg or Will Ferrell with any respect. Of course, when they get actual on-the-field assignments from their supervisor, it turns this movie into some of the best comedy scenes you'll see all year.

The best comedy scenes of 2010 are rich in humor, to say the least. Get some popcorn, grab a friend or two, and watch these best comedy scenes of the year for a few laughs.