The year was great for humor, as evidenced by the 5 best comedy movies of 2008. Then again, the comedy movies of 2008 are known to be some of the funniest films in the 21st century. As comedy took a big hit in 2007 ("Walk Hard", really?), the next year was an excellent rebound. Luckily, the best comedy movies of 2008 more than made up for what "Shrek 3" lacked.

  1. "Tropic Thunder." If Robert Downey Jr. making the funniest impression that white people are sure to find hilarious for years isn't enough to boost "Tropic Thunder" to number one, we're not sure what is. A goofball director (Steve Coogan), a passionate actor (Downey Jr.), and an aggressive producer (Tom Cruise) make this star-studded film a keeper, and legend among comedy movies of 2008.

  2. "Pineapple Express." Another script written, revised, and perfected by Seth Rogen, this film is truly revolutionary. "Pineapple Express" marked the unification of the stoner film genre of comedy and action movies into one big, happy presentation. It wasn't just one of the best comedy movies of 2008, "Pineapple Express" is a modern masterpiece of American humor.

  3. "Ste Brothers." Although not necessarily a film revolution, "Step Brothers" was indubitably memorable. Hilarious from the first moment John C Reilly meets Will Ferrell, the movie only gets better throughout its course. Setting an example for the comedy movies of 2008 wasn't easy, but Adam McKay's masterpiece exceeds the standards by far.

  4. "Hamlet 2." Steve Coogan stars for the second time  in one of the top comedy movies of 2008. When the school's theater troupe is going to be cut from funding, it's up to the drama team to make a blunder so big that it'll make them shine. Too funny for words, "Hamlet 2" is remarkably intelligent for the modern-day comedy (and comedy movies of 2008).

  5. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Although not always officially labeled as part of the comedy movies of 2008, "Sarah Marshall" was hilarious in every right. Given its romantic take on the genre, it ranks a bit lower than expected.

The best comedy movies of 2008 are golden. The year was good to humor, and some honorable mentions include "Yes Man," "Madagascar 2," and "Zach and Miri Make a Porno."