The five best Chinese ghost movies is a who's who in huh? The Western world knows a few things about China, and ghost films are not one of them. Compiling a list of five best ghost films from China was a chore. Keep in mind, China is not Japan or Singapore so the selection immediately becomes scarce. Without further whining, here is the list of the five best ghost films from China (and her territories).

  1. "Shutter": This 2004 film by Banjong Pisanthanakun is indeed the original and was remade in the USA in 2008. It is a great film in Chinese as well. This is China’s pride and joy in the ghost film genre.  If you do not mind subtitles, this is a much watch for fans of the genre. Consider also looking into other horror films by Banjong Pisanthanakun, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. "A Chinese Ghost Story": If one could claim an international success in this genre for China, it would be this film. Director Ching Siu-tung, who has brought two sequels of this title for the movie going ghost fans, exposed this cross genre movie in 1987. This movie stars the wildly successful Leslie Cheung.

  3. "Three: Going Home": This 2002 film produced two award winners for acting. This is a three story movie (think "Tales from the Crypt") that follows ghostly horrors through out. The titles are Memories, the Wheel and Going Home. This is a very eerie and creepy film and a surprisingly good Chinese ghost film.

  4. "Nang Nak": This is a 1999 Chinese ghost film that reunites an injured war hero with his dead wife. It further chronicles the insanity as he spirals downward. It is not really a horror genre ghost film but more of a drama. This movie, however, has been remade several times in China and was even made into an opera.

  5. "The Ghost Inside": This is a 2005 Chinese ghost film genre success. Star Barbie Hsu, an up and coming Chinese starlet, is placed in a haunted apartment. This is a traditional style ghost film with all the haunts and emotions. It is very well acted and recognized in China for its acting and directing merits.