The 5 best car sex scenes in movies will really get your gears going. Its all about turning up the heat in a cramped spot. Car sex scenes are secretive, passionate, and down right fun!

  1. "Titanic" Everyone remembers the infamous car sex scene in Titanic. Well, maybe not exactly a car, but a vehicle none the less--the Titanic! Rose and Jack have been running out of harm's way, when they find themselves alone and in love in the cargo area of the ship. Some innocent and sweet words are said and before you know it, sex is under way. At least they did it before the ship sank!

  2. "Revolutionary Road" Kate Winslet's character begins to have a steamy love affair with a neighbor friend. Her marriage is in the dumps and her dreams are falling apart. The affair starts with a sexy car scene at night.

  3. "Brokeback Mountain" Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal have a movie-stealing moment during their car sex scene. The two have only just met and they certainly don't want to "put the brakes on." Cowboy smiles and bare chests are soon to follow.

  4. "A Love Song For Bobby Long" Coming home is never easy. Even after the lead character's mother dies. She tries to find answers and gets a great one in a rainy car sex scene.

  5. "Riding In Cars With Boys" Drew Barrymore's car sex scene starts as an innocent teenage dream, but then swiftly changes her life. Set during the 50's unexpected pregnancy was not something commonly talked about. Don't despair, her life changes for the better!