Here is a list of the 5 best British soap operas. British television has given over four decades of soaps, which have become sought after all over the world. In the UK soap operas are very popular are highly rated shows on British television and are often guilty pleasures enjoyed by many.

  1. “Eastenders” – Having celebrated its 25th anniversary on British television, “Eastenders” continues to be one of the longest running and one of the most watched British shows. The show centers around the residents of Albert Square and the Queen Victoria pub in the East End of London in a fictional area called Walford. Showing four times a week in half-hour episodes, it examines the day to day domestic and professional lives of the residents, tailing the highs, lows and cliffhangers including the famous Mitchell family. Competing against “Coronation Street” the longest running British Soap opera, “Eastenders” has proven to stand the test of time winning several awards during its 25 year span including; six BAFTA Awards and eight ‘Best Soap’ at the British Soap Awards.

  2. “Coronation Street” – This is the longest running soap opera in the world with its first broadcast on December 9, 1960. Based in Salford, Manchester in England in a fictional area called Weatherfield. Originally called "Florizal Street", the soap airs five times a week in the UK and has become a fixture in British life tailing the fictional lives, love, pain and even murders of the Weatherfield incumbents.

  3. “Hollyoaks” – 1995 saw the birth of a new British soap opera that was more vibrant, modern and youth focused set in the fictional neighborhood called "Hollyoaks" in Chester. This centered on the lives of teens and early to late twenty year olds in the "Hollyoaks" area. "Hollyoaks" has become a much loved British soap which went from a cast of seven major characters to encompassing about 50 members.

  4. “Emmerdale” – Originally known as “Emmerdale Farm” from 1972 until 1989, "Emmerdale" has become one of the critically acclaimed British soap operas on British television. Set in the rural fictional Yorkshire village of "Emmerdale" the soap focused on the villagers of "Emmerdale" farm, the Tate family, the farmers including the Sugdens and a host of other characters who have added to a variation of stories.

  5. “Doctors” – Set in the fictional Midland town of Letherbridge "Doctors” started in 2000. The daytime soap opera is about the day to day lives of the staff and patients based around the Mill Health Centre and Letherbridge University's Campus Surgery. “Doctors” has become popular within the UK competing with other popular day time soaps such as “Neighbours” and “Home and Away”.