Any good fan of action movies will want to see these 5 best battle scenes of 2010. Whether it's Voldemort or Perseus, these battle scenes from 2010 are intense. Check out our list of best battle scenes for the year and compare them to your own list.

  1. Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes vs Tony Stark ("Iron Man 2"). Two huge metal figures duking it out? How could we resist? A drunken Tony attempts to secure his independence from governmental intervention; namely, Rhodes (who has privileged himself with at Iron Man prototype suit). The Air Force officer and Business mogul make for one of the best battle scenes in the year.

  2. Edward Dalton vs  Bromley Marks soldiers ("Daybreakers"). A cursed Ethan Hawke is determined  to break his vampiric dependency on human blood in this 2010 action flick. Unfortunately for him, however, he stands in opposition to the powerful Bromley Marks mega-corporation. The fight that ensues is one of the best battle scenes in the genre.

  3. Harry Potter vs Deatheaters ("Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1"). One of the best battle scenes of the year was when Harry and his friends faced off against Voldemort's henchmen in a flying duel. As luck would have it, however, Mad Eye didn't end up surviving the affair. Don't worry, the book couldn't portray one of the best battle scenes of 2010 in all of its 3D glory. The movie was better.

  4. Eli vs Carnegie's henchmen ("The Book of Eli"). The comple fighting choreographed in "The Book of Eli" hit theaters with Box Office success. Eli and Solara engage in an intense gunfight with Carnegie and his lieutenants over the last remaining bible in the world.

  5. Perseus vs Hades ("Clash of the Titans"). Giving him a well deserved butt-kicking, Perseus banishes Hades into the realm of the Underworld. One of the best battle scenes is amplified with Zeus' lightning and the oh-so-cool Sword of Olympus. A must see for both classics aficionados and action film-goers alike.

We all can't be Spartans fighting in the best battle scenes of 2010 (and trust us, if "300" was made in 2010 it would have been here), but anyone can watch them on the big screen. Who knows? Maybe these best battle scenes are even amplified in HD!