Trimming down to the 5 best anime sword fights in movies was somewhat of a chore. Though anime is mostly episode-based, there are many movies that show off the swordplay skills featured in anime. These best sword fights are awesome, but you may find you disagree or have your own selection. In any case, as a fan, you cannot deny these five anime sword-fighting sequences.

  1. “Naruto Shippuden: The Secre Weapon is Called” 2003: Boasts an exceptional anime sword fight between Zabuza and Sasuke, who brands his Chidori sword to meet the Demon of the Mist. The sequence is fast paced, action packed and features excellent sound effects. This is a great anime sequence and may be the best in the "Naruto" chronicles. The intensity is obvious as the hatred and blood flows. This is an ultra dramatic and very violent sequence.

  2. “Dragon Knight” 1991: Cold steel highlights the anime adventures of Dragon knight. He is a master of the samurai sword and a magnet for the babes. This tongue-in-cheek anime is filled with scenes of anime sword violence and plenty of swordplay. Based on the video game of the same title, the movie moves along much like the game. The story-line follows a young adventurer who yearns for civilization and further adventures.

  3. “Wrath of the Ninja” 1987: This classic is all ninja and all katana waving good times. Set in the late 1500's, "Wrath of the Ninja," or “Yotoden,” follows the trials of three ninjas who wield the sacred weapons and join forces to crush the sadistic rule of Oda over feudal Japan. A very graphic and historical anime film that will introduce many to the violent ways of old Japan.

  4. “Fencer of Minerva” 1994: This movie is set in medieval times and offers swor fighting anime style that meets the times. This five episode original anime was fashioned into a feature file in 1994 under the title “Minerva no kenshi.” This very sexy movie follows our protagonist, Princess Diana, and her hero who rescues her from slave traders to bring her back to the Kingdom. He succeeds, but not without some amazing anime-style sword fighting.

  5. “Maximum Choppage, Round 2” 2010: Now that the hard part is out of the way,  the new martial arts champion settles in to enjoy his spoils. Little does Tim know, the fighting has just begun. Now that he is the champion, everyone wants a piece of him. This nonstop action anime film is a wild ride and loads of fun. One of the better anime to surface in this genre for quite awhile.