These 5 best anime fight scenes are examples of some very artistic battle scenes. Anime is a Japanese cartoon style. During the 80s Anime gained popularity in America and remains very popular. While they are cartoons, not all Anime is meant for children and many of the shows are slightly violent. Anime also boast some of the best battle scenes in entertainment history.

  1. Keneda vs. Tetsuo “Akira” (1988) This is one of the first Anime series to gain popularity in the US. When it came out it was very different from anything else on the market and the fight scene blew many viewers away. The battle had guns and motorcycles, which proved to be the perfect combination. The plot was well crafted and led one character to be engulfed and suffocated by the body of another.

  2. Ryoga and Ranma’s first battle “Ranma ½” (1987-1996) The storyline of this series revolves around a 16-year-old named Ranma, who while on a martial arts training journey gets cursed to become a girl when splashed with cold water and can only be changed back with hot water. The show was very much a comedy but also had lots of action scenes. Ryoga is Ranma’s instant rival for reasons viewers and even Ranma don’t know during the fight. Ryoga turns out to be very strong and does some very impressive things during the fight such as using a 200-pound umbrella as weapon.

  3. Optimus Prime’s final battle “Transformers: The Movie” (1986) The Transformers series is one of the most popular Animes of all time. This movie bridges the gap between the second TV season and the third. The battle between Optimus Prime and his nemesis Megatron is epic. Sadly the fight scene is then followed by the death of Optimus, while Megatron gets away.

  4. Lina Inverse’s first episode “Slayers” (1995) Lina might look like a sweet 16-year-old but she’s also a powerful sorceress. In the very first episode of the TV series Lina takes on a dragon to save a small town. Lina is more intimidated by the dragon than she wants people to know and with her emotions running high, she summons magic that has a bigger punch than she expected. She does destroy the dragon but also most on the town. The episode ends with Lina having to run away from angry villagers.

  5. Ash saves Pikachu “Poke’mon: The first Movie” (1998) While there are many critiques of the series, there is no denfying how good this fight scene is. Ash, Pikachu, several pother trainers and their Poke’mon are surrounded by Poke’balls. The Poke’balls capture the Poke’mon and take them away. Ash quickly catches on to what is happening (Something unusual for the series.) and screams at Pikachu to run while blocking the poke’balls with his own body. Pikachu ends up captured and Ash must chase after him and fight to get his friend out safely.