The 5 best action movies of 2008 will be some of the most remembered films of all time. The films starred well-known actors and even brought us comic book characters we've longed to see on the big screen for years. The best action movies of 2008 also reignited acting careers for some but for one, it was a final role we won't soon forget.

  1. "The Dark Knight." With an all-star cast, and one of the most memorable performances as The Joker by Heath Ledger, this film is probably the best action movie of 2008. Harvey Dent/Two-Face was played by Aaron Eckhart and Gary Oldman reprised his role as Commissioner Gordon, while Michael Caine, Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman were back as Alfred, Batman/Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox. The action scenes were non-stop from beginning to end in this 2008 movie. This was Ledger's final full-length film role and he honestly outdid himself. For his portrayal of The Joker, Ledger won the rare posthumous Academy Award after his untimely death.

  2. "Iron Man." Another comic book adaptation brought to life, this best action movie of 2008 brought the career of Robert Downey Jr. back to life. No one else could have played the character of Tony Stark like Robert, and director Jon Favreau felt the same way. The opening scenes of the movie are hard hitting and continues to the end. This film was not as action-packed as one might expect, but what it lacked in the middle, Downey made up for with his one-of-a-kind wit and humor. This film also stars Jeff Bridges (who always plays an exciting bad guy), Terrence Howard as Stark's friend Rhodey (the infamous War Machine) and Gwyneth Paltrow as Stark's long-time assistant, Pepper Potts.

  3. "Eagle Eye." Remember that nerdy kid from the "Transformers" movies named Shia LaBeouf? He is the star of this 2008 action-packed thriller. His character Jerry Shaw becomes entangled in a dangerous situation that somehow got his twin brother killed. The problem is, in order for Jerry to stay alive and keep others safe, he must trust a complete stranger named Rachel (Michelle Monaghan) and follow the crazy instructions of new-age computer that has a mind of its own. The special effects in this film were intense as were some of the pursuit scenes. This film also stars Billy Bob Thornton, Michael Chiklis, Rosario Dawson and Julianne Moore as the voice of ARIA (The Autonomous Reconnaissance Intelligence Integration Analyst), the Pentagon's computer system.

  4. "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." The long awaited return on Indiana Jones came in this best action movie of 2008. It had been almost a 20-year lapse since the last Indy movie was made and fans were ecstatic. Harrison Ford reprised his role as Indy, and Karen Allen returned as Marion Ravenwood, Indy's longtime love. Thrown in the mix was a new addition in the form of Indy and Marion's son named Mutt Williams (played by Shia LaBeouf). This latest addition had several action packed scenes, as well as twists and turns you didn't anticipate. But as always with Indiana Jones, you can expect fun, sarcasm, excellent chase scenes and a few fights.

  5. "Cloverfield." Many people will probably not agree, but this turned out to be one brilliant, action-packed movie of 2008. Picture this, you're in New York City, throwing a party for a friend and all at once the city's rocked by som unknown force. You run outside to see what's going on and you see the Statue of Liberty's head rolling into the streets of downtown. And all the while, you're filming these action sequences as they occur on your own hand-held mini cam. At first, you wouldn't think this is the most sophisticated action film ever made. There are scenes that are spotty at best and you don't always get the full effect of what's transpiring. But overall, this is what actually makes the film so realistic and thrilling. The cast of this movie is virtually unknown but the producer, J.J. Abrams (of Lost Fringe and the Star Trek remake fame), wouldn't have put his stamp of approval on this film unless it was top-notch science fiction action.