Even under the best of circumstances, the birthing room can be difficult to stomach. If you are an expectant couple, you know there’s going to be several difficult moments during the birth process but you find a way to get past it. However, Hollywood is not always so kind when it offers scenes that include this exciting, and yet horrific, event. Here are five baby delivery scenes that couples should avoid.


"It’s Alive" (1974)

Lenore Davis (Sharon Ferrell) is in the final stages of her pregnancy. Finally, she tells her husband Frank (John Ryan) that the baby is on its way and they must go to the hospital. As they get settled in the birthing room, Lenore gives birth to a monster who kills the doctors and nurses in the delivery room and then escapes. The police come to investigate the murders and the horror gets even worse when the parents’ identities are divulged.


"The Unborn" (1991)

A loving husband and wife have been trying to get pregnant but they have not been able to conceive. Virginia Marshall (Brooke Adams) and her husband Brad (Jeff Hayenga) join an in vitro fertilization group that they believe will help them get their miracle. However, Dr. Richard Meyerling (James Karen) is a madman and when Virginia’s pregnancy is a difficult one, the results in the birthing room are disastrous.


"Rosemary’s Baby" (1968)

Perhaps the classic when it comes to birthing horror. Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow) and her husband Guy (John Casavetes) move into a new apartment where their elderly neighbors are quite strange. When Rosemary becomes inexplicably pregnant, she begins to fear what the neighbors will do to her baby. Her fears are well-founded as she later gives birth to Satan's baby, courtesy of the deal her husband made with the devil-worshipping neighbors.


"Embryo" (1976)

In this movie, it seems like kids sure do grow up quickly. Dr. Paul Holliston (Rock Hudson) is a scientist doing experiments on fetuses. In one of his experiments, he finds a way to make a fetus develop very quickly, and after a couple of weeks in an incubator a full grown adult is born. But as is the story for many mad scientists, his creation is far from perfect, turning into a killer looking for a way to stop the aging process.


"Horror Planet" (1981)

Originally titled “Inseminoid,” "Horror Planet” is about a group of scientists working in a laboratory located on a distant planet. Suddenly, a scientist named Sandy (Judy Geeson) gets attacked and raped by a monstrous creature. During her pregnancy she goes on a ravenous hunt and ends up drinking the blood of her colleagues.