One of the most devastating and deadly disasters that resort areas and habitats of snowy, mountainous areas have to be fearful of are avalanches. Several tons of snow barreling down a mountain side upward of 60 miles-per-hour can be very scary. In fact, this winterly disaster is so phenomenal that there have been several movies that featured avalanches. Below are five avalanche movies that will bury you alive,


"Escape From Alaska"

Starring Thomas Ian Griffith and Caroleen Feeney, this crazy avalanche movie tells the story of a member of the Environmental Protection Agency who tries to convince a large oil corporation that if they continue to build their pipeline it will cause an avalanche that will destroy the whole town. As it turns out she was right and they were wrong, causing an avalanche that buried many people alive.


"Avalanche Alley"

This 2001 disaster movie takes place on a ski resort. The trouble begins when a group of reckless snowboarders set off a series of avalanches that nearly destroys the resort. While the eye-candy is not here (only PG-13), it does feature some killer snowboard stunts.


"Nature Unleashed: Avalanche"

This movie takes pace in Russia and features not just one avalanche, but two. The first is when two westerners who moved to Russia to start a snowmobiling business narrowly escape an avalanche that nearly wipes out an entire village. The second avalanche is the monster, as the creation of a ski resort causes a massive avalanche that destroys everything in its path.



Starring Rock Hudson and Mia Farrow, Avalanche is a 1978 thriller that takes place in the Rockies. The avalanche is set off when a helicopter crashes into a hilltop, sending tons of snow down the mountain, burying the ski lodge and killing and trapping those inside. In addition to an avalanche that buries people alive, the film has its share of hotties, including Farrow.


"Avalanche:  Buried Alive"

This 2002 disaster movie may have been a clunker, but it does include an avalanche that will bury you alive. At the beginning of the film there is an avalanche warning that a local resort ignores. As a result, tons of snow cascades down the mountain, killing many and trapping dozens others, including an annoying mother and her equally annoying step daughter. At least the mother is somewhat of a MILF.